Propex24 About

About Propex24
Propex24 is the creation of futures industry veteran Max Whitby and Propex derivatives, Australia's largest Proprietary trading firm. Propex Derivatives has trained and funded 100s of traders over its history and Propex24 is a natural progression into the Private Client sector where the use of Propex Derivatives IP will be deployed (for further details refer to the section below titled 'The Network'). Our goal is to grow Propex24 into the premium, best value, advisory and dealing service provider of choice for Futures, Equities, FX and CFD traders through better systems and superior service.
Why Choose Propex24?
Propex24 has chosen a unique system in partnership with Saxo capital markets offering a multi-product single platform offering covering Futures, Equities both local and International, CFDs and FX. One of the advantages being the single allotment of capital can be used across a range of products and markets better utilizing that scarce resource. Allowing traders to seamlessly transition from where a market might be stagnant to one where things could be happening i.e. from say SPI futures in Australia to Apple stock in the US or back to the currency market, you have the choice.
  • Futures
  • Equities, both Local and International
  • CFD's
  • Options
  • Forex
Advantages of using Propex24 over other competitors is having a single platform accessing an extensive range of products and markets enabling traders to access and identify key trading opportunities otherwise missed on single product platforms.
Who Does Propex24 Suit?
In a nutshell those traders who want it all. Propex24 suits traders looking for a single platform giving seamless access to multiple asset classes, and who also may want to be a part of a greater trading unit or community. The above would include new, experienced and high-volume traders as what we have found at Propex Derivatives is that a mix of views, experience and skill make for a good trading community.

Traders who see themselves gravitating to a Proprietary trading role may also find Propex24 a worthwhile path to follow.

Lastly if you just want good no fuss execution with only minimal contact then Propex24 can facilitate that as well.
The Service
Propex24 provides a fully integrated service allowing you to trade online or over our 24/5.5 desk via the phone or email.

Staff manning the dealing desks are all experienced and versed in trading and trading systems. Once a Propex24 client has funded their account they can opt to have a one on one session to run thru the system, place orders and get to know how things work.

Of course, Propex24 clients can always call if they need a hand or some general advice.

The Network
Propex24 clients will be part of a larger sum leveraging the intel and experience gained in one of the most competitive arenas in the world. Imagine being able to employ for a nominal fee some of the most successful and experienced traders for a 30-minute mentoring session, or possibly sit with one for a trading session.

Propex24 clients will also benefit from relationships built with several of the industry’s top educators and practitioners.